Maiden VoyageMantrapCultivated AreaCenter CoreCradleFortressKinkCenter of GravityFolding CliffsCompass FlowerCarrier of LaddersMan of SteelThe Sea in a ChasmMirror, MirrorAlcoveManifioldBlack WidowTime WarpSpurtTriangle of TearsIntimate AbyssSkyfallConverging PointStructured Corner
Still working with the inspirations, constraints, and metaphors of the construction crane, in the Flatland series, I use a two-dimensional plane to explore the multi-dimensional possibilities of human perception. And to address ideas of self-referentiality and self-invention.

Through leaking margins, fracturing structures, breaking planes, and seducing the perceptions of the viewer, I've created a geometrical fantasy world. Within it, I further investigate the many contrasts and correspondences between natural and human creation – between the born and the made – all through a kaleidoscopic lens of crane components, vegetation, color field, and negative space.

The mandala-like pieces in Flatland form vortices, portals, that open onto other dimensions, other possibilities beyond the mundane. Womb-like gems and nexus suggest elements of natural creative forms, women's bodies, acts of breeding and the birth of shape and form. And finally to me, the artist, breathing life into these worlds.